Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter 44 (The end)

One week later:

I was sleeping, my mother called me.

Me: " Alo? "

My mother: " Lulu 7abebty ta3alay ta7at. "

Me: " Okay. "

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face I wore a gray training with a white tank-top and went downstairs, I kissed my mother and father's forehead.

Ahmed: " Wana maly rab? "

I smiled and hugged him " Afa 3alaik. "

My father: " Come sit next to me Lulwa. "

Well, I know that something serious is coming up, because he doesn't call me Lulwa unless its important.

I sat next to him.

My father: " Shfeech khayfa? "

" Madry. " I said nervously

Ahmed: " Yala yuba ma3alaik amer asra3 ana ba3ed waray sheghel. "

My father: " Ilsheghel yet2ajal, what I'm going to say right now is extremely important and it will affect your future Lulu. "

Alah yestir.

" If its going to affect Lulu's future 3ayel ana shaku? " Ahmed said sarcastically.

My father: " You're a part of this. "

Ahmed's face expressions changed into serious expressions " What do you mean? "

My father: " Calm down. " He took a deep breath and continued " Lulu, you're a big girl now. You have to learn how to take care of yourself bes without our help. "

Me: " 3ayel? "

My father: " Lulu, ams fe wa7da daget 3ela omech ou ekh6ebtich, don't say that you're too young or you want to continue your study, elzawaj kelish mala 3ela8a eb hal umoor ou uhma khoush nas ou ana a3arefhom 3adel, la etsar3ain. Shoufeh be3dain 7ekmay, ou 9alay 9alat estekhara, I'm not forcing you to do this. Its up to you, mafe shay gha9eb. Awel shay shofeh, 3ugib take your time and think well. " He kissed my forehead " Yalah ana bamshy barou7 elshareka. Bes Lulu 7abebty fakray 3adel ha yuba? "

I didn't say anything, I was shocked. I mean I knew that it was Wahab bes ye3ni I never planned that one day it will actually happen.

Me: " Inshalah. "

He flashed me a smile and left.

Ahmed: " Yuma men welda ele kha6ebha? "

My heart skipped a beat.

I mean he's not going to do anything right?

Of course he won't.

My mother: " Weld Al*****, 3abdelwahab 3araftah? "

Ahmed raised his eyebrow " Yuma 3ady etkhaleny weya Lulu ebrou7na? "

I gave my mother a 'don't go' look.

She smiled while leaving " Sure. "

I started biting my nails while looking down.

Ahmed: " Shfeech? "

Me: " Ha? Mafeny shey. "

Ahmed: " Lulu, shoufeny bakalmech. "

I looked at him.

Ahmed: " Lulu 3ugib hathek elmara entay ma hadaiteh? "

Me: " La walah el3athem Ahmed, I didn't talk to him kelish I didn't take the risk to lose your trust again "  I choked with my words and started crying " Walah Ahmed walah el3athem I didn't do anything, Wahab talked to my mother ou khala umah etdeg 3ala umi walah el3athem Ahmed walah. "

He hugged me so tight " Stop crying, walah em9adgech. I'm just asking Lulu! Towne adri ena Wahab truly loves you, I thought he was just messing around because you guys were too small. He was a teenager! "

I calmed down. I never expected my brother to say these words to me! I'm living a fairytale.

Ahmed: " So I guess its time to say mabrouk? "

I smiled " Allah ebarek feek. "

He kissed my forehead " Alah ewafgech enshalah, you don't know how much I'm happy for you, and I think I owe Wahab an apology 3ela ele 9ar two years ago? "

Me: " Alah ebarek feek mashkour walah and I guess you do. "

Ahmed: " 3a6eny ra8ma. "

Me: " 66****** "

Ahmed teased me: " 7aftheta ba3ed. "

I laughed.

He dialed Wahab's number.

Ahmed: " Alo? "

Wahab: " Alo? "

Ahmed: " Ilsalam 3alaikum. "

Wahab: " W3alaikom elsalam. Minu ma3ay? "

Ahmed: " Ma3ak Ahmed Al***** ukho Lulu. "

Wahab: " Ah.. Ya hala! "

Ahmed: " Shlounek Wahab? "

Wahab: " Tamam el7imdelah, went? "

Ahmed: " Ib khair il7emdellah. "

Wahab: " Doum enshalah. "

Ahmed: " Weyak 7abeby, 7abait agoulek. "

Wahab: " Amir? "

Ahmed: " Tegder teyena elbait? "

Wahab: " Mmm, ee. Bes 3asa ma shar? "

Ahmed: " Ma shar bes baghaitek eb mawtho3. "

Wahab: " Khala9 ok. "

Ahmed: " Il7en adizlek el3enwan message. "

Wahab: " Tam. "

He texted Wahab our address.

Me: " Sheno Wahab is coming over? "

Ahmed: " Eeh, he's your husband isn't he? "

Me: " Eeh. "

Ahmed: " Go get dressed, eb neg3ed belduwaneya. "

Jed rely mu gadra etshelny min elwanasa, words can't describe how much I'm happy!

Ahmed: " Shfech emtan7a? Rou7ay. "

Me: " Ok ok. "

I jumped from happiness and went upstairs running.

Ahmed laughed " Shwey shwey la t6e7en ou naday umi. "

Me: " Inshalla. "

I went straight to my mother's room " Yuma get dressed Wahab is coming over ebser3a mafe wagt. "

I left her room and headed to my room. I called Fay!

Me: " ALOOOO! "

Fay: " Shfeech et9arkhen? "

Me: " You won't believe what just happened! "

Fay: " Sheno? "


She was at the Saloon.

Fay screamed: " CHATHABAA! "

Me: " Wallah wallah, god!!!! I'm so happy. "

Fay: " Lisa, Kourtney... My friend Lulu? Do you guys remember her? She's getting married. "

I heared Lisa and Kourtney screaming!

Fay: " Wait yaboun e7achonech! "

Lisa: " ALO LULU! "

Me: " Heeey Lisa. "

Lisa: " Mabrook mabrook mashalah! "

Me: " Allah ebareek feech thank you. "

Lisa: " I wish you the best. "

Me: " Thank you Lisa. "

I'm going to start crying any second now.

Kourtney: "  Hey beautiful. "

Me: " Ahlaan Kourtney! "

Kourtney: " I can't believe it your finally getting married. "

Me: " YES!!! "

Kourntey: " Good luck angel, you should come and put make up in our Saloon. "

Me: " Hehehe sure inshallah. "

Kourtney: " We love you! "

Me: " I love you too. "

Fay: " ALOO! "

Me: " Hala hala. "

Fay: " Akh, finally ha? "

Me: " Eeh! "

Fay: " Meta 9ar kel hatha? "

Me: " Taw- " I realised that Wahab is coming  " UBAYH FAYO NESAIT! Wahab is coming to my house, Ahmed invited him over! Shelbes? "

Fay: " CHATHABA! Cute.. Wear a skirt? "

Me: " No, last time when I saw him I was wearing a skirt! "

Fay: " Lebsay shey 3adi mu ela tekshekhen. "

Me: " Hmm , ok. "

Fay: " Keep me updated. "

Me: " Okay. "

I opened my wardrobe, what should I wear? I must wear something adorable and classy, bes maby akshakh wayed shda3wa ye3ni.

I took out my white jeans 3elaih dark blue stripes with a white top, I wore my Chanel necklace 3ashan may9er shakel lebsi plain, and I wore some other accessories. I applied a simpe make-up. I waved my hair!

I looked at my self on the mirror and whispered ' ya rab. '

I texted Wahab: " Where are you? "

He replied " 10 minutes ou o9al 7ayati. "

Me: " Waiting. "

Thank god I finished gabel la Wahab yo9al.

I went downstairs, I found my mother wearing a black skirt with a black blazer ou white top min dakhel, she was putting on some make-up she looked so cute, and Ahmed was wearing dishdasha ou ghetra!

Ahmed: " Yah yah sh'hal zain. "

I smiled shyly. I sat next to my mother and kissed her forehead.

Oh no, she's going to cry.

Ahmed: " La 3ad la, la taglebonha Film hendy tekfa. "

My mother: " Ba3ed benty elwa7eda shtabeny asawy? "

Ahmed: " Bes bes ka dag 3alay wi9al elrayal. "

Me: " Yuma adish dakhel ou be3dain ayey? 3ashan ma ybayen chena ga3da an6era? "

My mother: " La 3ad yala bela dala3. "

Me: " Huff ok. "

Wahab came, I was so nervous that my vision became blurry. Salam 3ala Ahmed!

Ahmed: " Hala walah bel neseeb! "

Wahab smiled " Hala feek. "

Ahmed: " Tfathal eg3ad. "

Wahab sat down " Shlounech khalty? "

My mother: " Tamam el7emdilah went shlonek 7abeby? "

Wahab: " Bkhair. " He shifted his gaze at me " Shlounech Lulu? "

Me: " Tamam el7emdilah. "

Wahab smiled.

They began talking about random stuff, life, school, college kids and everything. All I did was shaking my head!

My mother: " Ela Wahab 7abebe? "

Wahab: " Amray khalti? "

My mother: " Don't you think that you guys are too young for marriage? I mean you're only 18, elzawaj mas2oleya 7abaybi. "

I looked at my mother.

Wahab: " Walah khalty adry ena elzawaj mas2oleya ou ana meste3ed at7amal kelshay, ma9aref Lulu ou benkamel derast'ha ou ham eta taby yahal el7een agder at7amal ma9arefhom! "

Me: " La maby yahal el7een! "

Wahab laughed.

My mother: " 3asa alah ewafegkom enshalah ya raby ya 7abeby! "

Wahab: " Ameen. "

Ahmed: " 3ad 7e6 balek 3ala Lulu hathe 3ain elsay7. "

Wahab: " La t7aty walah Lulu be3yoni! "

Ahmed: " 7abeeb walah Wahab. "

Wahab: " Yalah 3ayel ana asta2then tamron 3ala shay? "

Ahmed: " La yuba taw elnas. "

Wahab: " Walah lazim amshey 3endy sheghel lazim asaweh, elyayat akther enshallah. "

Ahmed laughed " Ee inshallah, kel sabt zwara ebaitna ha. "

Wahab: "  Inshallah. "

He shook Ahmed's hands and said his goodbyes and left.

Ahmed: " Welne3em feeh wallah khoush wa7ed ou yen7a6 3al rass Wahab. "

My mother: " Ee wallah welne3eem. "

Ahmed: " Khala9 ba3ed degay 3al mara w goulelaha kelshey ok. "

Me: " Ou oboy? Ma yadre 3an shey. "

Ahmed: " Ee ta3al. "

My mother: " Ana akalma ma 3alaikum entaw. "

I smiled.

Ahmed: " Mabrouk yuba. "

Me: " Allah ebarek feek. "

My mother: " So I guess its time to announce khe6batkom. "

Me: " I guess it is. "

I went straight to my room and called Fay.

Fay: " Ubbaih walah I can't believe it your getting married. "

Me: " Eeh eeh! "

Fay: " Akhh walah I'm so happy for you! "

Me: " 7abebty elfal lech enshallah. "

Fay: " I'm going to send a BC! "

Me: " Hehe kaifech. "

Fay: " Bes chubbay bye. "

Fay sent a bc.

اللهم بارك لهم وعليهم واجمع بينهم بخير
لقد تم بحمد الله خطبة لولو ال***** كريمة ***** ال***** على عبدالوهاب ال***** نجل ايمان ال****** الله يوفقهم انشالله
MABROOOOOK LULUUU MY EVERYTHING!;****** Allaah ewafgech enshallah, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

And she updated her status ' MABROOK MY EVERYTHING!;'*** allah ewafgech enshallah! '

She literally made me cry. She's the best, jed!

I recived yemken 50 adding request on BBM 3ashan ebarkoly? My friends sent BC's they were all so happy for me, I recieved twitter mentions, text messages, direct messages and Whatsapp messages!

Am I dreaming?

Ziyad: " Mabrouk ya 7ilwa! I wish you the best sis, allah ewafgech enshallah! I love you so much. "

Me: " Thank you Zayoud allah ebarek feek elfal lek enshallah. Love you too! "

Ziyad: " I think its time to say goodbye?:( "

Me: " Hehe, I think so. Here's my number 97***** whats app me! "

Ziyad: " Sureee! "

I deleted Ziyad.

Deleting someone on BBM doesn't mean deleting them in real life. 3ady shda3wa!

There was one text message that grabbed my attention, it was from Khaled.

Khaled: " Ilsalam 3alaikum Lulu, shlounech shakhbarich? I hope you're doing fine. 7abait agoulech mabrouk ou 3asa allah ewafgech ou enshallah alah yejma3 bainkum eb khair. Atmana enich etsam7eny 3ala kel eli 6ela3 meni bel ayam eli fatat, walah el3athem ta9arofy ta9arof yahal! Ou ana teghayart ou ma abe shay ghair enich etsam7eny, ou hamen abe Wahab esame7ny! Ou ana al7een ma abelich ela elkhair, ya rab tetwafgain eb 7ayatech. "

I replied " Aww Khaled, thats so sweet of you! Me3ana ele sawaita fena ana ou Wahab my shwaya bes msam7etek and be sure ena Wahab emsa7mek ba3ed, mashkour ma ga9art elfal lek enshallah! "

6ab3an I didn't recieve anything from Farah, and I don't care at all. My mother talked to Wahab's mother and everything is official. I wanted to have a small party, I only wanted to invite me family and some of my close friends, but my mother wanted me to have a huge wedding. Istaghfarallah!

 Well, I don't care; as long as I have Wahab? I don't want anything from this world, nothing at all.
Having Wahab means the world to me, he stood by my side! El7emdellah ya raby, fate brought me someone like Wahab, someone who appreciates me. Knows me so well, understands me.

So today is our ' wedding ' I invited all of my close friends and my whole family of course including Farah, I don't think that she's coming. My mother ma ga9erat she invited all of her friends and her excuse was ' 3zimony 3ala 3ers 3yalhom. '
Wahab's mother invited some of her friends, and Wahab's family of course.

Two months later:

So tomorrow is my big day, I'm going to get married. I can't believe it! Walah el3athem I feel like I'm dreaming, this is amazing! But scary at the same time, kel ma at'thaker the moment ele badkhal feha through the big gate ba6ny e3awerny!

Yemken a6ee7, tenkiser reli ou atkarfas.

Be3dain kelman yeth7ak 3alay ou e9er 3ers khayis!

Stop being a kid Lulu. Mara7 e9er shey, bes goulay besmelah ou dekhlay!


I want to sleep.

2:30 am..

3:00 am..

3:30 am..

I dialed Wahab's number.

Wahab * in a sleepy voice *: " Hmm? "

I started crying " Wahaaaaab! "

Wahab: " HA SHFEECH?! "

I was choking with my words, ma gedart atkalam!


Me: " I'm.. I'm.. Scared! "

Wahab: " MIN SHENU? "

Me: " Min bacher. "

Wahab: " 7ayate wala, khara3teny 3ala bali feech shay! Don't be scared, mestaw3eba ena bacher you'll be mine? Mine forever! Ma7ad yegder yakhthech, akh bes.. Walah a7med raby ou ashkera ena kel ele nabeeh 9ar. "

Me: " Eeh 7ada, walah I can't believe it. Il7emdelah jed! "

Wahab: " Akhh, ee wallah. "

Me: " Inzain Wahabi? "

Wahab: " 3youn Wahabi? "

Me: " Kelmara lemman arou7 3ers, the groom whisperes in the bride's ears. Sheno egolon? 7ady aby a3aref. "

He laughed " Wallah khebla, il7een 3ela bali betgolili a7ebek shay. "

Me: " Jaweb men 9ejy! "

Wahab: " Wana shdarane tara awel mara atzawaj. "

I layghed.

Wahab started talking about our future, his wild imaginations.. He's cute! I fell asleep on the sound of his voice, a7la shey.

I woke up the next day at 1 pm, I went to spa time avenues with Fay and Mesk, I wanted to relax.

Fay and Mesk knew that I was way too nervous so emkhaleny asawy eli abeeh, after that we went and did our nails. Sawait'hom French manicure 3ashan it matches my dress.

After that I went back home, took my stuff and went straight to the hotel, ele betsawy sha3arna ou bet7e6 our make-up was waiting for us bel fendiq.

Khalait'ha itsawy sha3ar Mesk ou Fay awel ou et7e6lhom make-up be3dain ana.

My mother was too busy, she didn't have time for me awkward I know. Bes tedry ena Fay ou Mesk mara7 ega9roon!

I finished everything at 8:30. Fay and Mesk went down to the wedding!

I texted Wahab " I'm nervous. "

Wahab: " A7ebich. "

Me: " Wahaaab! "

Wahab: " Amout feech. "

Me: " Huff. "

Wahab: " A7ebich ya bnaya a7ebich! "

Me: " Me too. "

Wahab: " Don't be nervous benjabel wyohom bes ne9 sa3a chethe be3dain benrou7! "

Me: " Wain benrou7? "

Wahab: " Hotel. "

Me: " Ohh. "

Wahab: " Shfeech? "

Me: " La mafeny shay! "

Wahab: " Hmmm. Okay;* "

I was SCARED! Ra7 ag3ed weya Wahab bro7na eb ghurfa? Oh god.

Fay came up she told me that its time for me to get down, I looked at her.

" I don't want to. "  I said

Fay: " Lulu 7abebty there's nothing to worry about, walah el3athem the wedding is more than amazing ta7et! All of us are waiting for you to get down, its your moment Lulu! "

Me: " O-ok. "

Fay: " Yalah 7ayate. "

She hugged me so tight " I'm so proud of you, a7ibbech! "

Me: " Wana akther, Fay please walah la abchy! "

Fay: " 3ad kelish wala intay ma nabi elmake-up yekhtereb. "

I laughed.

Fay: " Akheran? Khalena enshof hal tha7ka el7elwa. "

Me: " A7ebich kalba. "

I wore my strapless white wedding dress, it was designed by Dior. My make-up was simple and vintage at the same time, I put my hair into a kubba weya farg. It looked cute!

I went downstairs, cham mara baqait at3archeb bes el7emdelah ma 9ar shay.

Well, here I am.. The huge golden gate!

I'm ready.. Besmellah!

I'm not going to fall.

I can do this.


The huge golden gate opened slowly, everyone's eyes were on me.

Camera flashes 3amaw 3youni, I started walking slowly.

Kaa kaa, I'm reaching elkoosha.



My mother was crying... Thats my weakness! I hate seeing my mother cry:')

Fay kanat qamta elbachya, well.. Il7emdelah emsekat nefs'ha lo ehya ga3da tebchy ba3ed chan ana mayta al7een:)

My mom kissed my forehead, wayed nas gamaw isalmon 3alay.

I'm sick of this ABY WAHAAAB!

I'm sick of saying ' Alah ebarek feeech. '

100 wa7da yet basatny ou galat mabrook ughh.

After a half hour of taking pictures and faking smiles, they finally announced that the groom is coming in!

A bunch of men came inside, Ahmed, my father Wahab's father some of my cousins ' Le2any mu me7tajba. '

Finally I saw Wahabi, he looked very hot! With his dishdasha and bisht, ahh! Thats too much to handle!

He arrived to Alkousha and he kissed my forehead and sat next to me, 3ami ' Wahab's father ' and My father kissed my forehead ou barekoly! Ishawgoon.

We started taking pictures, and finally they left!

Wahab whispered to my ears ' You look beautiful mashallah. '

I laughed.

Wahab: " Il7en 3araftay sheno egolon? "

I nodded.

Wahab: " Wedy a7thef'hom kelhom wag3ed weyach bro7na. " He held my hands so tight!

I love him.

Finally, we're ready to go inside!

We sat on a table and ate dinner.

Wahab: " Yebtay aghrathech 3ashan benam bel hotel? "

Me: " Eeh. "

Wahab: " 3afya. "

Wahab continued flirting and teasing me, I love this.

We went upstairs, I removed my make-up akheran erte7t.

He came and hugged me from the back. Sta7ait!

Wahab kissed my cheek and brought some tickets from his pocket!

Me: " Sheno hatha? "

Wahab: " Egray. "


Wahab: " Yup, just me and you! "

I kissed him and hugged him SO TIGHT!


Wahab: " Hehe a9lan tadren sharelich swim suites 3ala thoqy? Ou ra7 talbesenhom! "

Me: " Haha 3ad etha 3jebony! "

Wahab: " Gha9ben 3alaich bya3jebonech. " He teased.

Me: " 6a3 hatha. "

Wahab: " Yala bser3a badlay ou lets go to the airport! "

Me: " Ma yebtli hdom 7ag safra. "

Wahab: " I already discussed this with Fay yabatlech hdom. "

Me: " Ullah meta 9ar kelhatha? "

Wahab: " Asrar baine ou bain Fay. "

Me: " La wallah? "

Wahab: " La la atghashmar, kalamt umech ou ehya kalemat Fay. "

Me: " Mmm. "

He hugged me.

Its the best feeling ever, hugging him without worrying about anything.

We went to the airport, ga3adna leman 9ar wagt our flight. Tawha el6ayara badya tamshi; I updated my status to Just married <3 and switched off my mobiles.

Wahab held my hands.

Me: " Wahabi? "

Wahab: " Rou7a? "

Me: " You took my soul, I love you so much! "

Wahab: "Amout feech wallah. " He kissed my hands!

5 years later, Lulu and Wahab had a cute kid named Abdulrazzaq. He looks like Wahab and Lulu 7ail, hehe malame7 Lulu+Wahab! Too cute.

And Ahmed got married, he has 3 kids mashallah.

Ziyad married Jenna <3

Fay and Mesk are still single:p

Well, I'm not going to say that its the end. Because the end is just a new beginning!
Girls, all you have to do is wait for the right guy to come <3
Atmana ena kelkum eyelkom wa7ed nefs Wahab ou a7sen ba3ed.
Expect the unexpected.xx

And for those who are asking about Lulu and Wahab now, they're still together allah layfareg'hom enshallah! Ou atmana alah yejma3 bainhom eb khair and I hope it ends with them methel ma it ended with Lulu in the story ou a7sen enshallah <3

I'm sorry etha ga9art eb 7ag a7ed menkom, I'm sorry le2ana marat agolkom I'm going to post today ou I don't, bes e9er 3endy sheghel wallah.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my story!


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Chapter 43

So, my mother wants to meet Wahab. I sent him a text message " Hey Wahab, how are you? I talked to my mother and she wants to meet you. "

He called me instantly, when I saw his name on my mobile screen I started remembering some good memories. When he calls me suddenly and so many memories.

I picked up the phone " Alo? "

Wahab: " CHATHABA? "

I laughed " Wallah. "

Wahab: " A7ebich wallah a7ebich. "

Me: " Wana ba3ed. "

Wahab: " Inzain bes shloun ashouf omech? "

Me: " Madry, as2alha ou agoulek. "

Wahab: " Okay, Lulu? "

Me: " Mmm. "

Wahab: " Can I add you on BBM? "

Me: " Madry. "

Wahab: " Hmm, ok. "

Me: " I'm sorry. "

Wahab: " I'm going to be your husband soon, Lulu. "

Me: " Okay. "

Wahab: " Text me your pin. "

Me: " Ok. "

Wahab: " Yala bye. "

Me: " Bye. "

And we hung up, he called me again. Shfeeh?

Me: " Alo? "

Wahab: " Nesait la agolech shay. "

Me: " Sheno? "

Wahab: " A7ebich. "

I smiled. " Yala bye! "

He laughed " Bye. "

I sent Wahab my pin and he added me.

I went to my mother's room, I knocked the door.

My mother: " Tfathal. "

I opened the door " Yuma? "

My mother smiled " Hala 7abebty. "

Me: " I talked to Wahab, egoul wain ou meta? "

My mother: " Yegder today ?

Me: " I think, wain ou elsa3a cham? "

My mother: " Khal nrou7 mukan mafeeh a7ad, AlMuhalab @ 7 pm. "

Me: " Okay. "

I texted Wahab " AlMuhalab, today @ 7 pm. "

Wahab: " Tam;) "

Me: " Heheh:D "

Wahab: " Tera I told my mother. "

Me: " Sheno? "

Wahab: " About us. "

Me: " What did you tell her? "

Wahab: " Kelshay. "

Me: " O shgalat? "

Wahab: " Welne3em ou yabakhtek ou der balek 3alaiha ou wa9eltich elsima:p "

Me: " Haha ma galat shay ghala6! "

Wahab: " Amout beltheqa. "

Me: " Hahaha:D "

I took a shower, I decided to wear a colorful skirt with a white top and I waved my hair, applied some make-up and I'm ready to go.

I went to my mother.

My mother: " Yah yah sh'hal zain. "

I smiled!

My mother: " Ya bakht Wahab feech wallah. "

I kissed her forehead.

My mother: " Waina? "

Me: " Madry walah. Al7en as2ela! "

It was 6:45.

Me: " Wainek? "

Wahab: " Waiting for you guys. "

Me: " Men meta int menak? "

Wahab: " 6 :D "

Me: " Ula laish?:o "

Wahab: " Hehe akhaf i9er za7ma ow shay. "

Me: " Itshaweg. "

Wahab: " A7ebich. "

Me: " Hehe 7abetik el3afya. "

Wahab: " Mashy walah mashy. "

Me: " LOOOL!:* "

We arrived to AlMuhalab @ 7:15, we sat in one of the coffee shops eli ta7at.

My mother: " Ilsalam 3alaikom. "

Wahab stood up " Wa3alaikom elsalam khalty. "

My mother: " Shlounek shakhbarek? "

Wahab was blushing " Tamam el7emdilah, wentay? "

My mother: " Walah tamam el7emdilah. "

Wahab: " Lulu shlonech? "

Me: " Tamam el7amdelah. "

Wahab:  " Il7emdelah. "

My mother: " Wahab, gouli 3an nefsik kelshay ou sheno tabe teshteghel? "

Wahab: " Ismy Abdulwahab Sager Al*******, 3umri 18 sina badkhal eb 19 shahar 4, tekharajt eb nesbat 95 3elmy, ou el7een adris eb koleyat elhandasa ou 3ugib ma atkharaj yemken akamel dirasty barrah ou etha ma 7a9al ra7 ashterek eb sharekat rayel khalty bel nef6 ou ma3ashat'hom zaina el7amdellah ou uboy 3enda byot 7agna e7na lemman entizwaj, 3enda arth eb jenob elsurra 7i6en 7agy ou elshuhada 7ag Jenna ekhty, bes ra7 neg3ad eb bait uboy 3ela ma nabny ou ekhale9 elbait. Ana kalamt omy ou uboy 3an Lulu ou kelhom walah yemdi7on fekom ou metsansen 3alaikom ou umy galatli ehya ra7 etkalmech ou etha enshallah kelshay tam 3ela 5air uboy ra7 yabdi eb she'3el elbait. Walah khalty ana shary bentkom ou abeha wa7ebha men galb, ou allah ya3lam ana sheno neyeti. Mabe laha ela elkhair ou enshalah ra7 tshofon ele yas3idkom ou yser galbkom, ou Lulu ba7e6ha be3yoni walah. "

My mother smiled " Wilne3em feek Wahab, walah enik dashait galbi. 7ayak alah 7abeby! Enshalah khel omek etdeg 3alay ou ana atfaham weyaha. "

Wahab: " Allah e7ayech, inshalah. "

And they continued chatting and talking about everything.

My mother: " Yalah 7abeby e7na nest2then, fur9a sa3eda ou 3ash men shafek. "

Wahab: " 3ashat ayamech Khalti. "

We went to the car.

My mother: " Welne3em feeh Wahab walah ena khosh wa7ed. "

I smiled shyly " Eeh. "

My mother: " Ye3ni mesta7ya? "

I laughed.

My mother: " Alah yejma3 bainkom eb khair inshalah. "

Me: " Inshalah. "

My mother: " Ra7 akalem om Wahab o uboch ou enshof shi9er. "

Me: " Okay. "

Wahab texted me " LULU!!!!!!!!! "

Me: " 3youuuun Lulu?;* "


Me: " Wallaaaah ana akthar! "

Wahab: " Akhhh, akheeran you're mine!!!!! "

Me: " Hehe x_x eeh. "

Wahab: " Basam3ech ehda2. "

Me: " Sheno? "

Wahab: " Allah ebarekli feek - Tamer 7osny. "

Me: " I LOVE YOU! "

Words can't describe what I'm feeling right now, my dream finally came true!
I'm SO HAPPY. Il7emdelah il7emdellah walah jed وعلى نياتكم ترزقون .
Now, I'll be with Wahab bel7alal. Ahh<3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chapter 42

So today I'm going to meet Wahab. I really don't know what to do, should I leave him? I have to think deeply and choose the right choice because I don't want to regret anything.

I wore my black skinny jeans with a beige top waved my hair, applied some make-up took my black Chanel bag and I'm ready to go.

I went downstairs, I found Ahmed and my mother.

" 9aba7 elkhair. " My mother said

I kissed her forehead " Ahlan. "

Ahmed: " Ha wain ray7a? "

Me: " Iljam3a. " I hate lying!

Ahmed: " Uboy makheth elsayeg yabeeh eb she'3el 7ag elshalaih. "

Shit shit, 7abakat ilyoum?

Me: " Meta berid? "

Ahmed: " Madry. "

My mother: " Gal berid 3al 3a9er chithy. "

Me: " Mmm, its okay I'll call Fay. "

Ahmed: " La ana age6ich eljam3a! "

Me: " La walah 3ady Fay etmurny! "

Ahmed: " Ana raye7 shuwaikh 3ala 6ereji. "

My mother: " Khaleeh ege6ch ou reday weya Fay. "

Me: " Okay. "

We got into Ahmed's black Silverado.

Ahmed: " Intay mu chena ma 3endich dawam? "

Me: " Eeh, bes 3endy ashya2 basaweha. "

Ahmed: " Aha. "

I texted Fay. " Come to KU al7een:) ASAP. "

I waited for 5 minutes, she didn't reply. I called her!

Fay * in a sleepy voice * : " Haa. "

Me: " Yala goumay! "

Fay: " Laish? "

Me: " Eljam3a, nesaitay? "

Fay: " Ansa sheno? "

Me: " Ee ta2akharna, yala gomay badlay be3dain e3a9b 3alaina elprofessor. "

Fay: " Entay 7mara wala 7mara? Ma 3endina dawam elyoum. "

Me: " Ee, ok al7en adizlich eyah BBM. "

Fay: " Ha? "

Me: " Lat7inen al7en adizlich eyah BBM. "

Fay: " Aah fahamt, ok. "

Me: " Bye. "

Fay: " Min 9ejich Lulu? Ma a9adeg 3ela alah anam etyen etga3deny? "

Me: " Walah Fayo uboy makheth elsayeg shasawe ana? "

Fay: " A6areshlich my driver male khelg Lulu wallah. "

Me: " Ok khaleeh eyeli CBA now! "

Fay: " Inzain. "

Me: " I LOVE YOU! Jed you're a life saver. "

Fay: " Eklay khara ou etha dagaitay 3alay mara thanya yawailech, hatha ra8am Ajad 55****** "

Me: " LOL mu kafu wallah:p saved. "

I arrived to KU at 10 am.

I texted Wahab " Where are you? "

Wahab: " Omw to Starbucks, you? "

" Ka 20 mins ou ayey. " I replied

I waited for Fay's driver 3ala ma ysharef 7athreta and went to starbucks, my heart started beating.

Ajad: " Do you want me to wait for you? "

Me: " Yes Ajad. "

Ajad: " Okay, me go Fanar. "

Me: " Okay. "

I went inside starbucks, Wahab kan belzawya. Awal ma shafny he stood up!

Me: " Ilsalam 3alaikom. "

Wahab: " Wa3alaikom elsalam. "

I sat down without looking at him.

Wahab: " I ordered you a coffee. "

Me: " Thank you. "

Wahab: " Hot chocolate with extra cream and caramel, the way you like it. "

Well, thats too cute. He remembers my order from Starbucks!

Me: " Eh thanks. "

Wahab: " So? "

Me: " So? "

Wahab: " You wanted to see me. "

Me: " Eeh. "

Wahab: " Sheno eeh? Shfeech? "

Me: " I read your message. "

Wahab: " And...? "

Me: " I.. "

Wahab: " You..? "

I sighed " I miss you. "

Wahab: " I miss you more Lulu. "

I stared at him, thats it?

Me: " I want to discuss everything with you. "

Wahab: " Discuss what? "

Me: " Discuss ' us ' . "

Wahab: " What about us? "

Aha bedaina nestahbel Wahab.

Me: " Madry. "

Wahab: " Sheno taben et3arfen? "

Me: " Everything. "

Wahab: " I'm still madly deeply in love with you, and I'm ready to do anything just to have you by my side! I was a kid two years ago, I didn't know how to deal with that situation, I screwed up! But now, I grew up. Mara7 e9er baina shay 7aram, ye3ni ra7 adish men elbab ou ra7 akh6ebech men ahlech, I mean it! Etha taben walah akh6ebich bachir walah. "

Me: " Hmm, ou derasty? "

Wahab: " Mara7 akhalech etwagfen derastech, badris weyach ana. Nakheth classes weya ba3ath ou netkharaj weya ba3ath! "

Me: " And the kids? "

Wahab: " 3ady we can wait. Kelha 3 years! "

Me: " Madry Wahab. "

Wahab: " Aw etha taben akh6ebech al7een ou namlech ou kelshay bes insawy el3ers after we graduate! "

Me: " Hmm, a7sen. "

Wahab: " Fakray 3adel Lulu, ana mabe agh9ebich wela athgha6 3alaich wela shay. Bes abech et3arfen mara7 telgain wela wa7ed bel3alam e7ebich methel ma ana a7ebich! "

I smiled.

Me: " I'll talk to my mother. "

Wahab: " Okay. "

Me: " Yalah I have to go now. "

Wahab: " Okay, deray balech. "

Me: " You too. "

I went back home and I saw my mother sitting alone.

Me: " Ilsalam. "

My mother: " Ahlain. "

I sat next to her.

My mother: " Shfeech Lulu? "

Me: " Mafeny shay. "

My mother: " 3alay hal suwalif? Benty wa3arfech, golay yuma shfeech? "

Me: " Bes ma tiz3elen 3alay wila shay? "

My mother's face turned red " Shemsawya? "

Me: " Mu msawya shay. "

My mother: " 3ayel shfeech? "

Me: " Sim3eny lai elakher ou latga63eny please, be3dain 7ukmay. "

My mother: " Okay shfeech khara3teny! "

I told her everything. I was surprised, she wasn't pissed or mad!

My mother: " Walah ya Lulu ma adry shagolech. "

A tear fell from my eye " Mu m3a9ba? "

My mother: " La walah kelish ma 3a9abt, bel3aks 3ejabteny la2anich yaitay ou 9ara7teny! 7abebty Lulu, men kalamech elwalad shakla shareech. "

Me: " Eeh? "

My mother: " Bes madry wallah, ana abe ashoufa? "

Me: " Ee akeed! Shoufeh. "

My mother: " Lulu, ana elshay elwa7ed ele bekhaleny asa3dich uhwa eny 3esht ele 3eshteh. "

Me: " What do you mean? "

My mother: " Your father fought very hard to get me. "

Me: " Shloun? "

My mother smiled " Uhwa kan e7ebny, ou ana akbar mena eb 2 years. Fa ahala ma kanaw ratheen! "

Me: " Eeh. "

My mother: " Ee fa yeddich alah yer7ema ma kan rathy ou uboch 7awal feeh lain retha. "

Me: " Itshawgoon! "

My mother: " Bes ziman awal ghair. "

Me: " 9a7. "

My mother: " Arrange me a meeting with Wahab, I'd like to meet him ou bashouf sheno nou3a."


Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 41

I sent a text message to the number  " Hey there, from where can I get my notebook? "

They replied instantly " Ilmukan eli tabena. "

Hmm, from where should I get my notebook?

" I have a class on Wednesday, tegdar/tegderen etyeli 3and my class ou ta36eny eyah? " I replied.

5 minutes later " Sure, send me a text message whenever you get there. "

" Okay, thank you. " I replied.

Thank god I found my notebook.


I woke up @ 9:00 am, went to the bathroom washed my face. I opened my closet what should I wear today? This is probably one of the toughest questions for girls.

I took out my white skinny jeans with a blue flowy top, straightened my hair and I'm ready to go!

I picked up Fay and we went to the university.

Me: " Fayo rou7ay gabli, ana barou7 el7amam. I want to fix my makeup! "

Fay: " I'll come with you. "

Me: " La mala da3y, 3ugib barou7 ayeb my notebook. "

Fay: " Mmm, ok. "

Me: " Etha sa2al 3any el professor alfely 3ether ay shay. "

Fay: " Okay, bes tara etha ele 3enda your notebook kidnapped you ana male sheghel. "

I gave her a look.

Fay: " What? I'm just saying. "

Me: " Thelfay thelfay. "

I went to the bathroom and fixed my makeup.

I sent a text message to the un-known number " Hello, can you please put my notebook in starbucks? I'll pick it up. " And I went to starbucks, ordered my coffee and sat down in one of the tables.

Minutes later, Wahab showed up holding my notebook. My face made a big 'O' shape, I was really surprised, I didn't.. I mean.. WAHAB? Why?

Wahab: " Ilsalam 3alaikom. "

Me: " Wa-3alaikom elsalam. "

Wahab: " Here you go. "

I was avoiding eye contact with him " Thank you. " I replied

Wahab: " Wait, Lulu. "

Me: " Hala? I'm sorry, I have to go. 3andy class! "

Wahab: " Digega bes. "

Me: " Khair? "

Wahab: " I miss you. "

" I have to go. " I replied while leaving starbucks.

I wanted to cry, I thought I moved on but I was wrong, he brought me right back.

I texted Fay " I'm going back home, call your driver 3ashan yakhthech. "

I went back home.

Ahmed: " Ha raj3a embacher. "

Me: " Ha? Eh. "

Ahmed: " Shfech? "

Me: " Mafene shay, bes ba6ne e3awerny. "

Ahmed: " Salamtich. "

Me: " Allah esalmek. "

I went upstairs, I threw the notebook on my bed. Oh sheno hatha? A paper fell from my notebook.

" Dear Lulu, how are you? I hope you're fine. I really miss you, I really miss us. I miss how close we were, I miss your stupid silly conversations, I miss our fights. I miss your voice, I miss having you around! Its been two years and it still hurts. Everytime I look at myself on the mirror I see you. I'm not going to lie to you after we ended everything between us I went through relationship with girls, I was trying to forget you. But I didn't succeed! Since we ended everything between us I've been dreaming about you non-stop. And even though I know you're gonna hurt mem I'll still stay with you because I know being hurt by you is better than going a day without you. After what happened walah el3athem I've been calling/texting you daily. When I finally moved on and decided to leave everything behind me you show up in my life again? As simple as that? Its not fair. When the professor called your name last week my heart was racing, I started remembering all the good things that happened between us, I started remembering everything, I was smiling like an idiot but when I realized that you're not mine anymore I frowned. I meant every word I wrote in this message!
I loved you once, love you still. Always have, always will. 
Ana 3umre ma chathabt 3alaich, min 9ijy I was planning to marry you. Think about it, if you want anything call/text me: 66******

Sincerely, Wahab. "

I cried. I didn't know what to do, should I text him? A7es nefsy cheny eb film ma9adeg ena aku 9bay yakteb resala, bes I moved on and he has the right to know! I'm not going to sacrifice losing my family's trust again 3ashan 9bay, and I promised myself that I'll never get involve with boys and I'll focus on my future. But there's a part of me that still loves Wahab, still wants him! I still think that Wahab is the one for me, the father of my kids. Ya allah! I'll text him!

" Meet me tomorrow @ starbucks eli 9oub elfanar. - Lulu "

Tomorrow, I'll decide whether I'll end everything between us or not.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chapter 40

I looked at Fay " Sima3tay eli ana sima3ta? "

Fay was shocked too. " Eeh sima3t! "

Me: " I want to leave the classroom. "

Fay: " Laish Lulu? "

Me: " Testahbelain ya3ni? "

Fay: " Ok Lulu wentay shaku feeh? Matwagfen mustaqbelich 3ashana. "

Me: " Fay, mabi wala shay ethakerni feeh. "

Fay: " Its your future, Lulu. "

Dr. Khaled: " The girls in the back, this is your last warning. "

Fay: " Sorry, Dr. Khaled. "

The Dr. started explaining everything; grades, exams, presentations. I wasn't paying attention at all, my mind was on a trip. This is a nightmare!

Dr. Khaled: " Thank you guys for listening, and you may go. "

We went outside, thank god ma3endy class 3ugib hatha. I called the driver and told him to pick me up, he arrived in 15 minutes. I dropped Fay and went back home.

I entered the house " Ilsalam 3alaikom. "

My father: " Wa3alaikom elsalam. "

Ahmed: " Ha shlon eljam3a? "


Me: " Zaina. "

My father: " Meta your classes? "

Me: " A7ad ou arbe3a. "

Ahmed: " Eeh zain. "

I went to my room, I laid on my bed. I started thinking about today, this can't be happening jed!
Ma a9adg 3ala alah ansa eli 9arle, 3ugob two years erid e9er mara thanya?

I slept and woke up around 3:30 am.

SHIT SHIT SHIT! Cham sa3a nemt?

I tweeted " Just woke up:) "

Minutes later, I recieved pings.

Me: " Way3a Ziyad:) "

Ziyad: " Hahaha, shemga3dech? "

Me: " Testahbel? Ma chenek tewa gari my tweet. "

Ziyad: " Gari wela saikal. BYE! "

Me: " :) "

Ziyad: " LOL!:p the7kay ya om dam theqel "

Me: " Chab Ziyad! "

Ziyad: " La jed walah, laish ga3da hel 7azza? "

Me: " Nemt el3a9er wayed, ou tawne ag3ed. "

Ziyad: " Aha. "

Me: " Winta laish mu nayem? "

Ziyad: " Afaker. "

Me: " Aha! "

Ziyad: " Lulu? "

Me: " Hala. "

Ziyad: " Shfeech? "

Me: " Enta tedry shfeny belthab6. "

Ziyad: " La tgolele 3ashan hal khara! "

Me: " .. "

Ziyad: " Lulu men 9ejich etwagfen mustaqbelich 3ashan Wahab 9ar eb your class? Sheno ye3ni khaleh ewali mustaqbelich aham mena eb wayed, ou be3dain uhwa weyach bas eb 1 class ou mara wa7da bel sbo3 bess fa 6af! "

Me: " Hmm, madry wallah. "

Ziyad: " Fakray feha 3adel, ana ou Fayo weyach ba3ed! "

Me: " A7ebkom:* "

Ziyad: " I7na ba3ed. "

This week passed by so slow, ashwa Wahab ma kan weyay eb my other class.

So today's Sunday, it means I'm going to see Wahab. God! I'm not ready at all. I wore my ripped denim skinny jeans with a black top. I picked up Fay and went to the University!

The Dr. Called our names, ou ga3adna nisma3.

This class is so boring!

Dr. Khaled " Thank you guys for attending, you can go. "

Me: " Il7emdelah, emshay asra3! "

We went straight to the car, I dropped Fay and went back home.

" Iff wain my note? " I asked myself.

I called Fay.

Me: " ALOO! "

Fay: " Haa. "

Me: " Fay elnote mali 3indech? "

Fay: " La2. "

Me: " 3ayal wain erou7! "

Fay: " Madre! Dawreh 3adel "

Me: " Maku dawart! "

Fay: " Yemken naseta beljam3a! "

Me: " La shaku matwaqa3! "

Fay: " 3ayal wain erou7? "

Me: " Madre, badawir 3adel yala bye. "

Fay: " Bye. "

I started looking for my note everywhere. I recieved a mention on twitter.

@Confessions_kw: Dear @Lulu_AlFlani: Someone says, Please check your

I checked my

Hey Lulu, shlonech shakhbarich? Tera your note 3endy. You forgot it! 66******* msg me.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Chapter 39

This summer was one of the best summers in my whole life, I did everything I dreamed of doing.
I traveled with Fay and her family, I spent my time at Bnaider th e place I love the most. I slept-over at my friends house, movie nights. Jed this summer is a summer to remember.

When I went to Bnaider I made sure that Wahab wasn't there, I didn't want anything to happen, I didn't want to remember anything, nothing at all.

So next week I'm going to start college, I'm not ready and I'm really nervous. I started having nightmares about Wahab, what if he's in one of my classes? What if we go to the same college? I hope not. But there's something inside me wants this thing to happen. NO Lulu, you don't want what happened two years ago to happen again, do you? Of course I don't.

My phone started ringing, Ahmed is calling. I picked up the phone " Alo? "

Ahmed: " Ha yal khaysa wainch? "

I yawned " Tawne ga3da men elnoum. "

Ahmed: " Yala badlay ou nizlay ta7at. "

Me: " Laish? "

Ahmed: " Intay badlay ou nizlay ta7ata ou malech sheghel. "

Me: " Fe a7ed zayerna? "

Ahmed: " Walain. "

Me: " Way Ahmed, ma a7eb chethy goul. "

Ahmed: " Nezlay eb your pajamas ou tifashelay. "

Me: " Iff iff, ok abadil ou anzil. "

Ahmed: " Ee khalech san3a. "

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I opened the wardrobe and started at my clothes for a minute " Shalbes? " I took out my ripped denim shorts and my Real Madrid FC jersey my favorite.
Falait sha3re, I didn't put any make-up. Towne ga3da men elnoum!

I went downstairs, I saw Ziyad's mother, Jouri and wait....



Ziyad: " Hallaa wallaaa "

No words can describe how much I'm happy right now, oh my god! Ziyad? I miss him so much wallah.

Me: " I miss you! "

Ziyad: " Wana ba3ed wallah. "

I hugged Jouri, salamt 3ala Ziyad's mother.

Ahmed: " Shrayech feny? "

Me: " Walah ent 3ajeeb. "

Ahmed: " Sh3abalech. "

I wanted to cry, ye3ni am I dreaming? Ga3adt weyahom ou 6oul elwagt ga3da akhiz Ziyad ou ath7ekla.

Ziyad: " Shfeech kel digega etkhizeny? "

Me: " Kaify. "

Ziyad: " Imshay khal ne6la3. "

Me: " Aaa.. "

Ahmed interrupted " Rou7ay. "

Me: " 9ij? "

Ahmed: " Ee, methel ma ana ikhoch ham bu elzeed ukhoch. "

I smiled " Thank you. "

We got into Ziyad's red Wrangler.

Me: " Yah yah, sh'hal kashkha. "

Ziyad: " Awel mara tirkebena 3adel? "

Me: " Eeh, 3alaik bel3afya. "

Ziyad: " Allah e3afeech! "

We started teasing eachother, Ziyad didn't change at all. We cruised around Kuwait's streets, we talked about everything.

Ziyad: " Can I ask you something? "

Me: " Sure. "

Ziyad: " How's Wahab? Its okay if you didn't want to answer, walah I'll understand. A9lan legafa meny shaku as2al? Ana shaku. "

Me: " La 3ady walah, ma adry 3ana kelish. "

Ziyad: " Oh. "

We stayed silent for about a minute.

Ziyad: " Sorry Lulu. "

Me: " La 3ady walah Zayoud shda3wa! "

Ziyad smiled " Enrid? "

Me: " Yallah. "

We went back to our house. I spent an amazing time with Ziyad and his family! A7es rou7y radetly.
The rest of the week passed so fast, I spent each and everyday of it with Ziyad, Jouri, Mesk and Fay.
Ziyad added me on BBM and followed me on twitter!

So tomorrow is my first day at college, I tried to sleep but I couldn't.

I updated my status in bbm ' :( '

Ziyad: " PING!!! "

Me: " Ha. "

Ziyad: " Way3a bala way3a, shfeech? "

Me: " Can't sleep. "

Ziyad: " Ya enta ya can't sleep ya bad mood. "

Me: " LOL chub. "

Ziyad: " Ma 3araftech bad mood. "

Me: " Tara kaf. "

Ziyad: " At7adach. "

Me: " Hahah tshof bachir. "

Ziyad: " Inzain sh3endich mo nayma? "

Me: " Insomnia, khayfa mn bachr. "

Ziyad: " Laish khayfa? "

Me: " Madry, I'm nervous. "

Ziyad: " Bel3aks, a7la shay awel elayam wala the7ek. "

Me: " Madry, I'm worried Zayoud! "

Ziyad: " Walah there's nothing to worry about, be yourself, be confident. Lulu you're one of the strongest girls I've ever knew. Elmafrouth etkonen mestansa ou meshta6a 3ashan eljam3a, its your second step of reaching your dreams! Don't let anything or anyone make you feel uncomfortable. "

3ashan lemman agoul Ziyad yefhamni et9adgoun, he knows exactly what I'm talking about Wahab. I love Ziyad!

Me: " Yup belthab6, thank you Zayoud! I'll try to sleep now. "

Ziyad: " Sweet dreams. "

Me: " You too. "

I slept around 3:30 am, and woke up @ 9. I went to the bathroom, did my things. I wore my baby blue skinny jeans with a white top and a scarf. Waved my hair and applied some make-up and I'm ready to go. I called the driver and we went straight to Kuwait's University.

I saw Fay, and we registered in the same classes together. Since we're freshmans and the university is full of students, we only have two classes each week in this course.

The first week of University passed quickly, it was fun. I enjoyed University, we met some new friends; they're amazing.

Second week:

Today I'm going to attend my first class. I wore a long white dress with a baby blue jeans jacket and a suarvoski slipper, waved my hair and applied some make-up, I picked up Fay and went to the University.

The Doctor started calling our names.

Dr. Khaled: " Lulu AlFlani. "

Me: " Na3am. "

Dr. Khaled: " 9aba AlFlani. "

9aba: " Na3am. "

Dr. Khaled: " Fay AlFlani. "

Fay: " Na3am. "

Dr. Khaled: " Ziyad AlFlani. "

Ziyad: " Na3am. "

I whispered to Fay " Okh Zayoud weyana. "

Fay: " Shloun? "

Me: " Madri, I'll ask him. "

Me: " Okh Bu Elzeed weyay:D "

Ziyad: " Hallaa walaa. "

Me: " Shloun? "

Ziyad: " 3ade, tegderen takhthen classes weya freshmans ou seniors ou kelshay meni. "

Me: " Oh wanasa. "

Ziyad: " Ee, bes chub hatha eldr. 3aser shway! No3a ya6red la etfashlain men awel youm ou ten6ardain. "

Me: " LOL, yala yala:p "

Dr. Khaled: " Abdulwahab AlFlani. "

Wahab: " Na3am. "


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chapter 38

2 years later..

So today is my graduation, el7emdelah; I graduated with a high GPA. I focused on my future, I studied really hard, I payed attention at class. I built myself in the past two years, I learned how to depend on myself. I did this on my own, without my family's help. Fay was there for me, ma ga9erat el9ara7a.

Ahmed doesn't talk to me at all, eli baina kela rasmeyat. My mother z3elat 3alay for a few months bes she started talking to me normally. My father didn't find out about anything!

I lost comminucation with Mesk, ashoufha once every two months. Ahmed allowed Fay to come over to my house to study with me.

Well, I survived without a mobile for almost 2 years.

And the hardest part was learning to live without Wahab.

I never thought I'd succeed, but I did.

I never thought that I'd reach my dreams, but I did.

I never thought that I'd get used to the whole thing, but I did.

I'm a strong woman now, I still remember Wahab and I must admit I MISS HIM SO MUCH, I hope he does too.

I'm hard to break now, nothing/no one can break me expect god!

Il7emdelah ya rab.

I know that Wahab forgot me, he has a new girl now and they're happy. I know that he has a girl that does whatever he wants, goes out with him whenever he wants, obeys to all his rules. As I said before; Wahab jameel mashalah 3alaih, kel elbanat yetmanona so I'm pretty sure ena 7ayat Wahab mara7 tougaf 3alay.

My mom knocked my door " Lulu yalah. "

Me: " Inshallah youma, ka bes bagy a7e6 my lipstick ou anzil. "

My mom: " Elsa3a cham yebdi elgraduation? "

Me: " Be there at 6, Fay will pick me up. "

My mom: " Okay, 6el3ay khanshofich. "

I opened the door, my mother hugged me so tight " I'm so proud of you 7abebti, rifa3tay rasna walah. " Tears started falling from her eyes.

I kissed her forehead " Thank you! "

My mom: " Deray balech 3ala nefsich. "

Me: " I will. "

My mother called Lata " Lata, please can you take a picture of me and my beautiful daughter? "

Lata: " Oh mashalah mashalah Lulu, you look beautiful today! Congratulations. "

I smiled " Thank you Lata. "

Lata took a picture of me and my mother, the picture was amazing.

My father came " Yah yah, sh'hal zain. "

I smiled " Thank you. "

My father: " Mabrouk yuba, testahlain akther wallah. "

" Allah ebarek feek. " I replied

The door bell rang, it was Fay.

Me: " I have to go now. "

My father: " Deray balech yuba. "

Me: " Inshalah. "

I went downstairs, I saw Ahmed sitting infront of the tv. I didn't talk to him, I didn't want to. Ma 3enda i7sas! I wish I could tell him how I feel, I wish I could tell him that I've changed now, I learned from my mistake. I'm a big girl, I know how to depened on myself. I was a kid 2 years ago and everyone makes mistakes! I'm not an angel. 2 years mu shwaya walah!

Ahmed: " Lulu? "

Me: " Hala? "

Ahmed: " Mabrouk. "

Me: " Alah ebarek feek. "

I opened the door 3ashan ba6la3.

Ahmed: " La7tha shway. "

Me: " Shfeek? "

Ahmed: " Ne6ray bes digega. "

Me: " Okay. "

Ahmed went to his room, he came down after 2 minutes and he was holding a bag. He handed me the bag!

Me: " Sheno hatha? "

Ahmed smiled " Open it. "

I opened the bag, he bought me an iPhone and a Blackberry. I wanted to cry jed, I never felt this happy walah. Il7emdelah ya raby el7emdelah.

Me: " Mashkour Ahmed wala ma ga9art. " I didn't know what to say, kent mesta7ya mena.

Ahmed: " Inzain shda3wa mara7 etlemeny? "

I hugged him so tight  " Mashkour wayed walah. "

Ahmed: " Testahlain akther Lulu, I miss you so much. "

" I miss you too walla. " I replied

Ahmed: " I hope you know that what I did in the past two years was for your own good, I want whats best for you, I hope you learned from your mistake. I saw what you did walah el3athem no words can describe how much I'm proud of you, you worked really hard! I wish you the best. "

Me: " Ahmed, I learned from my mistake and I'll never do it again. Thank you so much! Walah you seriously made my day. "

He smiled " Yalah la et2akhrain 3ala Fay. "

Me: " Ka ba6la3. "

Ahmed: " You're leaving without your mobiles? "

Me: " Ma yamdi il7en arakeb elkha6, leman ared ashaghla. "

Ahmed: " 3ala ra7tech. "

I smiled, opened the door and went out.

I never expected this to happen, not today. Finally I got back Ahmed's trust, el7emdelah. I'm really happy!

Fay: " Zir3eny akther. "

Me: " Asfa walah bes shasawy. "

Fay: " Ma 9ar shay? "

Me: " Embala. "

Fay: " Sh9ar? "

I told Fay everything, she was happy for me.

I went to my graduation party, everything was perfect. I cried! Tears of happiness, now I'm going to start a new life in college, a new life without regrets and mistakes. I promised myself that I'll focus on my future more than anything.

I knew who are my true friends, I shared the best/worst moments with them. They stood by my side when I needed them the most! I'm really happy.

Dear high school, thanks for teaching me that I don't need anyone to be happy, thank you for teaching me how to depend on myself, thank you for showing me who are my real friends. Thank you, and for now? Goodbye, I have a new life waiting for me.